Category: Bulgarian Films

September 11th, 3:00 P.M.

In the Name of Love

2021, 8’36”, 2D

director Ivan Tsonov

Two worms are fighting their enemy in the name of love.

Winter Evenings

2021, 8’, stop motion

director Gergana Simeonova

A night time animated walk within the poetic universe of Bulgarian poet Hristo Smirnenski. Getting in touch with the poetic environment, emotion and the kids whose spirits are broken by the misery of everyday life.


2021, 4’, 2D

director Vlado Shomov

People’s ideas are the center of attention of management and have always been welcome and appreciated.  

Love in Times of Tourism

2020, 5’, 2D

director Vessela Dantcheva

Festive observation of tourist delight – swirling in abundance of food, flags, music, flesh, alcohol, lust and desire. And all this spiced up with Mexican flavour. Directed and animated by Vessela Dantcheva, based on the poem ‘Love in Times of Tourism’ by Petar Tchouhov. The film is part of the animation poetry collection ‘Mark and Verse’.

Wherever I Wander

2021, 2’15”, 2D

director Velina Garabedyan

A girl far from home finds a way back to her roots and rekindles her inner power through the guidance of her ancestors.

A Pet

2020, 7’42”

director Vera Doneva

When a girl, who needs some company and more attention, dreams of having a pet, she tries to have her parents’ attention to make her dream come true. But at one point, she finds a solution to her problem herself.

The Matchbox

2021, 3’07”, 2D

director Tanya Bozhinova

The curiosity of a box of matches leads on a carefree and destructive adventure marked by passion, intoxication, and dangerous pleasure.


2021, 3’36’’, cut-out

director Pavel Koulev

Human life is made up of observations and lessons. Often a seemingly insignificant incident can lead to unexpected conclusions.


2021, 5’, stop motion

director Stefan Voivodov

A film about the personality like a natural phenomenon and the individual’s instinct. The determination and the fate of a fish out of its school…

The White Whale

2021, 4’, 2D

director Magdalena Stoilova

Machines, revenge. Pain and inferno. Blood and rust. This isn’t Moby Dick.


2021, 4’50”, 2D

director Teodora Georgieva

The labyrinth of memories – temptation for anyone in love.

Shell in Love

Bulgaria, 2020, 16’05”, 2D

director Svilen Dimitrov

A timid snail, scarred by a childhood trauma, spends his time hiding away in his shell where he has created an imaginary version of the outside world. After a chance encounter with love he will have to face his fears and discover the wonders of reality.