Category: Children’s Films and TV Series

September 10th, 11:00 A.M.

Patchwork Butterfly

Germany, 2020, 3’54”, 2D

director Angela Steffen

Patchwork Butterfly has a problem: he doesn’t like his trunk. Will the Patchwork Pals find a way to show him how pretty and useful a trunk like his is?

Winter Sleep

Czech Republic, 2020, 7’, 2D

director Katerina Karhankova, Alexandra Majova

The weather forecast reports a snowfall, so it’s high time for bears to go for hibernation. But Ned and Mishka crave tasting meringues, ice cream and other yummy sweets that they think are made from snow. Therefore, they decide to make an exception, fight the tiredness and wait for the snow to start to cook.

The Girl Who Stood Still

Portugal, 2021, 9’03”, 2D

director Joana Toste

A child is lost from her mother and refuses to move from the same place. A policeman stops everyone else to make her move. The still girl and the policeman that guards her stop traffic and stir up the city’s hearts.

The Extraordinary Story of Bruna

Spain, year, 7’, stop motion

director Marc Riba, Anna Solanas

One night a strong wind takes Bruna far away from home.

The Musifants

Germany, 2020, 4’, 2D

director Meike Fehre

The two Musifants fly to the moon in a rocket and meet again: chicken in flying saucer and their neighbour Krause, who is visiting his own planet with his converted trailer. Adventures in space with asteroids, comets and of course the little green cactus.


Denmark, 2020, 7’10”, 2D

director Mette Tange, Peter Smith

The tree is still standing. Roots enclosing the past. Branches reaching out for the future in the border region. A film about the reunification after World War I.

The Egg

Croatia, 2020, 4’39”, 2D

director Ana Despot

On a deserted island lives an old turtle. She is all alone in a cave on the beach, but even though her family is no longer living with her, she is not lonely. She takes care of an egg of unknown origin, trying to make it hatch, unsuccessfully. She talks to it, she tries to feed it, she spends time with it, and she grows to love it like her own. Since the turtle is very old, one night, as she senses she’ll soon leave this world, she goes to visit the egg one last time. As she closes her eyes and drifts off into the peaceful realm of death, an unexpected miracle occurs.

Lucho Apa and the Soil

Chile, 2020, 10’, 2D

director Clau Zavala

Lucho Apa, the only “chulengo” in his herd, must venture through the Choapa valleys to form his own. Along the way, he will get to know northern landscapes, form solid friendships and discover that soil is not just dirt.


Argentina, 2020, 3’15”, stop motion

director Gabriela Fernández

In a desert forest, inhospitable and dark, a small group of particular creatures dedicate themselves to collect in a ceremonial way the few remaining fruits. The creatures gather at the foot of what appears to be an altar made of dry logs and branches, similar to a cave. From the darkness of it a being of much larger size and of a different aspect to the creatures that offer it awakens. What is this ritual about?

Capriccio (“ep.9 Fathers and Sons”)

Russian Federation, 2021, 7’09”, mixed media

director Sergey Merinov

Capriccio is a character who teaches children to be capricious and not obey adults. Getting into trouble because of this, the kids Pavlik and Natasha learn to cope with difficulties.

September 11th, 11:00 A.M.

A Stone in the Shoe

France, 2020, 11’30”, stop motion

director Eric Montchaud

A pupil turns up to his new class for the first time. This pupil however is different to the others, he’s a frog in a class of rabbits.

A Pet

Bulgaria, 2020, 7’42”

director Vera Doneva

When a girl, who needs some company and more attention, dreams of having a pet, she tries to have her parents’ attention to make her dream come true. But at one point, she finds a solution to her problem herself.

Mitch-Match series #06

Hungary, 2020, 2’12, stop motion

director Géza M. Tóth

There’s only one matchstick left in the box. This ordinary thing is the protagonist of the “Mitch-Match series”. The main character is a blue headed matchstick that embarks on a journey in every episode and always returns to the box at the end of lots of strange, playful and imaginative adventures.


Russian Federation, 2020, 7’06”, 2D

director Oxana Kuvaldina

This is a story about a young husky dog – the spirit of the Alaska Peninsula. He casts the Northern lights instead of a shadow and looks for friends.

Tiny Bird

Brazil, 2020, 5’20”, 3D

director Clara Braem

On the island of Itaparica, little Iara spends her time everyday throwing crumbs to the Swallows at the beach. Until on a bright day, something unforeseen happens.

Simon 3 “Hop On Your Bike”

France, 2020, 5’, 2D

director Julien Cayot

Simon is an adorable little rabbit who exudes all the vitality of childhood. He is at an age when little rabbits (and indeed children!) are starting to come into their own – challenging relationships with parents, embarking upon school life, learning about the world in general.

Kiko and the Animals

France, 2020, 7’28”, 2D

director Yawen Zheng 

Kiko is a nightmare for all the animals. He bullies them all the time, even the smallest mouse can’t escape from him! How could the animals stand out and make him understand that they are just like him, capable of emotions, love, and deserve respect?

Blue Lion

France, 2021, 18’11”, 2D

director Zoia Trofimova

A lonely peasant welcomes home a distressed kitten who one day becomes a big blue lion. But the villagers are afraid, they are suspicious of this creepy-looking stranger and chase him away. So the peasant sets up his house on a cart, picks up the lion and his cow, then leaves. Only his birch tree remains, which could not be uprooted.