Animation Workshop – Animate Varna

The workshop will be held during the 17th World Festival of Animated Film Varna with mentor Fernando Galrito from Portugal.

He is a teacher at ESAD (Escole de Artes e Design, Caldas de Rainha, Portugal) and Director of Monstra Lisbon Festival of Animated Film.

The workshop is held on September 8th, 9th, and 10th 2021 at Varna School of Art.

During the workshop the participants will be creating a short animated film using a couple animation techniques – photo cutouts, pixilation, drawing on a paper strip, traditional painting, etc. They will be bringing them to life by animating them frame-by-frame under the camera lens. They will be introduced to the more abstract animation techniques like painting under the camera lens and abstract drawing on a paper strip. And they will be turning themselves into an animated character through the technology of pixilation. At the end they will create a short animated film, and the students will be taking part in the audio and video editing of it. This way they will be introduced to the different stages of developing a visual art piece.

The workshop is expected to run for about 3-4 work days with 5 hours of work per day. Then the film from the workshop will be shown at the closing ceremony of the festival on September 13th in hall 2 of FCC Varna. It may be shown with live music with help from the students of the musical classes.