Category: Bulgarian Films

September 10th, 7:00 P.M.


Bulgaria, 2022, 8’, 2D

director Anna Haralampieva

A film about the memories of an old woman, shadows from the past, part of the family album. A snippet of life from the calendar of bygone years.


Bulgaria, 2022, 6’17’’, 2D

director Dimitar Dimitrov

A little girl named WAR, with surreal abilities, grows up isolated in a foster home. Flowers wither, trees dry up, objects are set on fire by the proximity and her touch. One day WAR escapes from the orphanage, unfolding to extreme her gift, causing all sorts of disasters to humanity. When everything seems hopeless and the world is in flames and ashes, on the last unburned island, in a ray of light, WAR meets love in the face of a boy named PEACE.


Bulgaria, 2021, 3’39’’, 2D

director Tsvetomir Krumov, Georgi Shushkov

Our animated film “Imagination” presents the dream of a child who is in stark contrast to the surrounding grim reality. Thanks to a flower and a little magic, it falls into a new world for which even he did not suspect.


Bulgaria,2022,10’05’’, 3D

director Vladimir Todorov

Planet Earth is a deserted island in an ocean of darkness and silence. Stranded on it, and the sole survivor of an apocalyptic disaster, is a child, desperately trying to get back to civilization. Dreamer is a dystopian fairytale, exploring the fear and anxiety felt by millions of young children growing up in a world full of uncertainty. What does the future hold for them? Can they dare hope for something good? A young boy’s nightmare may hold the key.


Bulgaria, 2022, 7’28’’, mixed media

director Vera Ivanova

A centipede is walking confidently and carelessly towards the top of a rose bush. Until the moment she starts to think. Wondering how exactly she is controlling all her legs, the centipede gets entangled and falls helplessly on the ground. The more she thinks, the more she gets entangled. Cannot make a single step. This is only the beginning of the tangled situations and unexpected turns, which await her on the way to the top.


Bulgaria, 2022, 2’

director Pavel Koulev

The short animated film is inspired by ancient Greek mythology and will present the story of Daedalus and Icarus in a tragicomic way. This parodic interpretation of the classical myth draws attention to indirect victims. Because in trying to achieve our goals we are often unaware of the consequences we may leave behind.


Bulgaria, 2022, 9’20’’, 3D

director Veni Hristova Zamfirova-Kaleva

A young boy wants to grow up faster so he can travel the seas like his ancestors.  And with the help of a magic shrimp,  he might just get his wish. His unexpected encounter with a magical blue shrimp fulfills one wish, but with an unexpected turn. In his request to grow up faster he gets a blue beard.


Bulgaria, 2021, 25’, 2D

director Dimitar Dimitrov, Milko Lazarov

The film is based on stories by F.M. Dostoevsky and music by P.I. Tchaikovsky.


Bulgaria, 2022, 8’11’’, 2D

director Gospodin Nedelchev

Stuck in the falsehood of our consumer life and hypocritical empathy for fictional screen characters, we do not notice those little creatures around us who need help. We even get annoyed by them… Can we open our hearts to true love and mercy?