Category: BULGARIAN films

September 9th, 5:00 P.M.

Competition program BULGARIAN films

Duration 92’54”


Bulgaria, 2023, 3’37’’, 3D animation

director Nikola Radulovikj

Music video for the track Stare by Impérieux. Collaboration project between Nikola Radulovikj ( and Sofia Records.


Bulgaria, 2022, 13’30’’, mixed media

director Maria Serafimova Nikolova

Based on French Romantic and Symbolist poetry, this film tells the story of the artist’s spiritual experiences, absorbed in the creative process, of loneliness, of the eternal longing for impossible love.


Bulgaria, 2023, 1’35’’, hand-drawn animation

director Pavel Koulev

The project consists of four animated miniatures based on popular haiku poems. Each of them corresponds to one of the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. The animation is in classic Japanese Sumi-e technique, a pinfall drawing on rice paper. The films will be shown to children in different schools and community centers to get acquainted with the beauty of Japanese culture.


Bulgaria, 2023, 6’42’’, hand-drawn animation

director Asparuh Petrov

А young writer dedicates his nights to hunting entangled phrases with his pen. The moment he is confronted with the pregnancy of his wife his world collapses. Lingering fears and painful memories overwhelm him and he needs to trace the missing piece.


Bulgaria, 2023, 6’, 2D animation

director Elena Delcheva

A young woman who always strives to be perfect at everything finds a little loop in her sweater and her day goes to hell.


Bulgaria, 2023, 7’07’’, hand-drawn animation

director Spartak Yordanov

The film interprets the theme of the loss of personality, the so-called “depersonalization” – a state in which the individual loses the ability to feel the image of himself, his emotions, even his body. The world of the film is created through the movement of pigment, paint, fluid by the use of “painting under the camera” technique. The events flow into each other, degenerate in the logic of some irreversible and unnatural randomness. Their metamorphosis collides the evolutionary course with its opposite – the tree grows and buries his crown back into the earth, the world returns to primal matter, the consumer is consumed.


Bulgaria, 2022, 54’’, 2D animation

director Aleksa Trayanova

An abstract, erotic animation that will make you fall in love. ‘She can dance!’ is a short movie that contains all the good stuff we all need- beautiful women, jazz music and a lot of eye-pleasing drawn metamorphosis ! Let the band play on!


Bulgaria, 2023, 7’, 3D animation

director Lachezar Velinov

It is a story about the path each of us is meant to take. Once we have chosen the difficult path, we have to follow it to the end. At the beginning of the journey, the man does not know the other people’s pain. We are shown what happens when one shows compassion and what is the price we pay.


Bulgaria, 2023, 4’34’’, 2D

director Vladimir Shomov

The fantasy of kids can sometimes overflow into mischief.


Bulgaria, 2023, 7’02’’, 2D animation

director Nastimir Tzachev

This is a story-metaphor about the life of a snail whose dream is to fly! Our dreams and wishes don’t always come true, but we may see them in the generations after us.


Bulgaria, 2023, 3’42’’, 2D animation

director Elena Georgieva

“Compartment 22” is an animated film with a satirical view of modern Bulgaria, deeply rooted in the “bay Ganio” behavior and low culture.


Bulgaria, 2023, 9’57’’, hand-drawn animation

director Yoana Atanasova

A Woman and a Man are going through a breakup. Left alone, he remembers their dance of
love. A storm comes and only the tiny folded boat may save them. However, the rough sea
is full of dangers.


Bulgaria, 2023, 6’14’, 2D animation

director Valentin Atanasov



Bulgaria, 2023, 15’, 2D animation

director Dimitar Dimitrov, Milko Lazarov

A little boy with exceptional talent as a gymnast, is taken by the impresario, who after years of effort turns him into a famous artist. Obsessed with a longing for greatness, the artist forgets himself. Striving for unattainable perfection, he rejects love and destroys himself.