Category: HORROR films

September 9th, 10:00 P.M.

Competition program HORROR films

Duration 68’15”


Argentina, 2023, 2’, 2D animation

director Patricio Plaza, Paula Boffo

A woman that has been kidnapped by a trafficking network prays to a pagan saint to ask for her release.


Mexico, 2023, 5’55’’, stop-motion animation

director María Lucía Bayardo

Larisa, a curious girl, enters the house of the old hag, who has a crow as her ally, not imagining the consequences of her decision.


Israel, 2023, 12’49’’, stop-motion animation

director Idan Gilboa

Deadline is a black comedy Stop-motion short that explores the power balance between bureaucracy, death and feline devotion of the elderly. At its center is a story of a brave friendship and solidarity between two senior ladies sickened by society’s disregard and disrespect.


Spain, 2022,1’, stop-motion animation

director Ruben Garcera

Psycho clay parody.


Canada, 2023, 3’, stop-motion animation

director River Park

It’s a dark night as a jolly blues tune of the 1930’s plays as a car drives down a road in the middle of wide sprawling fields. A young boy is sitting in the car. The boy’s father is silently driving, looking tired from the almost endless drive. Bored, the boy looks out the window. From the distance he sees something rusting in the bushes


Mexico, 2022, 21’, 2D animation

director Patrizio Plaza

In the XVII century’s Mexico, an ailing christian priest will have to endure in his own body the native rituals that he has been hunting down.


France, 2022, 1’42’’, 2D animation

director Emma Kelaleche, Alban Moura, Louis Mustiere, Janice Perreux

Night, the cawing of a crow impacting a window wakes Olivia up. She gets up from her bed and goes to her window. Outside, a crowd of people, standing, staring at her house and then her gaze. Olivia steps back, scared. She goes down the stairs, passes in front of her television which is on, the presenters follow her with their gaze.


Brazil, 2022, 10’25’’, collage animation

director Ricardo Kump

A man, troubled by a severe nervous system disease, finds himself paralyzed in a remote and hostile environment after an accident. His situation takes new directions as he surrenders and accepts his new reality. An horror film inspired by Santiago Dabove (1889 – 1951) short story “Ser polvo”.


France, 2022, 4’54’’, 3D animation

director Solal Smoes

After his house burned to the ground, David Margau is approached by a strange real estate agent. Invited to visit a house, he will come out of it a different man.


Hong Kong, 2023, 5’30’’, 2D animation

director Crystal Tai, Simon Paluck

It’s 1980 and Jade Xiao, a once famous porcelain artist, is struggling to make ends meet. She is no longer the rising star of the Hong Kong art world and the pressures to stay relevant are pushing her towards a breakdown. As Jade works late into the night, she suddenly finds herself face-to-face with a giant monkey who leads her through a terrifying journey into her psyche.