Category: STUDENT’S Films

September 7th, 5:00 P.M.

Duration 79’36”


Germany, 2023, 8’35’’, 3D animation

director Christian Kaufmann

Bernard works behind the windows of a ticket booth at the Town Hall Square subway station and is waiting for something he seems to have forgotten. One day, however, a little tiger shows up and turns Bernard’s orderly life upside down. A short film about an unexpected visitor, annoying radio songs and the lust for life!


Korea, 2021, 6’45’’, 2D animation

director Gyeongmu Noh

There was one human who couldn’t drink nor put on any clothes because of his huge body. Having had enough, he breaks out of the house. He gets seduced by a shining light he has never seen, and starts a journey towards the light. Whenever he meets obstacles, he becomes smaller and smaller until he could even ride a leaf. Finally, he meets the light and becomes bigger again. He goes back to his house and finds himself fit for the house.


Japan, 2023, 8’33’’, 2D animation

director Xu Yuan

The expression of emotional desire called love. Everyone is an individual whose spirit and soul cannot be bound. The emotion between people leads to good and bad results, happiness or misery. In the river of natural life, it is the stream injected halfway and the water vapor evaporated halfway. Two very strong individuals, whether they are right or not, whether they need to be morally criticized, whether they need to be examined by us, in the end, death, rebirth, corruption are all part of the river.


Iran, 3’13’’, 2D animation

director Tara Attarzadeh

“End of Summer” is a short 2D animation about a little girl who is playing on a swing on the roof of the house but suddenly the swing’s rope tears apart. Now the girl is bored so she starts daydreaming with a flock of pigeons flying over the roof. She roams around the city freely but when she comes back to reality, a disaster happens.


Japan, 2023, 7’36’’, hand-drawn animation

director Lina Machida

That stray dog that the girl loved so much wanted an apple for a long time. Meanwhile, the carrots try to turn everything into a seedbed. The girl opens the box and leaves with the dog because they know that decay is inevitable. This animation captures a moment of overlapping birth and death.


Israel, 2022, 7’47’’, 2D animation

director Shahar Balfour

A little girl sets to explore a wondrous darkening street as evening falls, not noticing she was left alone. An old lady loses her way inside her own home, where memory crumbles and familiar space becomes foreign and threatening. In two parallel timelines, both characters lose their way as they wander on a journey between reality and imagination.


France, 2022, 8’36’’, 2D animation

director Lucie Grannec

A dolphin in a free relationship with fifteen inflatable animals, a fox crazy in love with a cereal mascot, a band of animals adept at firearms… Different portraits, existing, of members of the Furry community, lovers and enthusiasts of anthropomorphic animals.


Hungary, 2023, 9’45’’, 2D animation

director David Crisp

A series of insights into the meaning of life and the moral concerns of humans told through a selection of animals in their natural habitats re-enacting unfortunate everyday situations and highlighting the absurd nature and preposterous consequences of ethics, emotion, behaviour and the very concept of humankind on planet earth.


Republic of Korea, 2023, 6’59’’, 2D animation

director Seungmin Han, Eunji Bae

A dreamy night train magically appears to the young girl who missed her grandfather. Through the journey on the train, the child realized that their grandfather had been with them all along.


France, 2022, 5’12’’, 2D animation

director Raphaël Chiaprarin

Four famous musicians meet and play music together for the first time. Competition takes place in the quartet and is going to lead almost everybody to deep madness.


Slovenia, 2022, 6’35’’

director Sofiya Kruglikova

Loneliness. Strong wind and aurora. What do you feel when you listen to the ocean or when an aurora takes you towards the storm? Fear? Are you losing yourself in this crazy environment? Can you eventually become a part of the whole universe and leave everything behind?

September 8th, 5:00 P.M.

Duration 77’45”


Bulgaria, 2023, 1’35’’, hand-drawn animation

director Pavel Koulev

The project consists of four animated miniatures based on popular haiku poems. Each of them corresponds to one of the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. The animation is in classic Japanese Sumi-e technique, a pinfall drawing on rice paper. The films will be shown to children in different schools and community centers to get acquainted with the beauty of Japanese culture.


Bulgaria, 2023, 6’, 2D animation

director Elena Delcheva

A young woman who always strives to be perfect at everything finds a little loop in her sweater and her day goes to hell.


Hong Kong, 2023, 3’15’’, 2D animation

director Cheung Ka Man, Leung Lok Yiu, Ying Valerie Naomi, Yuen Nok Hang

We are a group of students from Creative Media, this is our second abstract animation done together that describes a sense of trippy-ness using hand drawn animation. Our team divides this animation into two distinctive parts, some members are responsible for drawing animations and some edit the animation and combine them with different types of effects and movements. Moreover, it would be an animation that reacts closely with the music provided by King Deluxe. As a team, we are thrilled to present this film and share our work with the audience.


Czech Republic, 2023, 8’03’’, stop-motion animation

director Nika Zinoveva

Resignation to any kind of civic engagement. Whatman is a guy, who doesn’t want to read, doesn’t want to see and preferably doesn’t want to bother with anything anymore. He just wants to live inside of his safe house.


Czech Republic, 2023, 4’30’’, mixed media

director Jakub Richtarech

Music video for the song Geese Breeze of the band Marcel Gidote’s Holy Crab. A short story about one girl and her goose. Half live action and half animated, inspired by the legendary director Wes Anderson. First cooperation of animators Michaela Matejkova and Iris Hobson Mazur and director Jakub Richtarech.


France, 2023, 3’30’’, stop-motion animation

director Trinidad Plass Caussade, Titouan Tillier, Isaac Wenzek

Andy, followed by a friend filming the scene, goes to his recycling appointment. Wanda, the secretary of the company, welcomes him. We follow Andy through the whole process, until his last seconds of life.


Poland, 2022, 4’52’’, mixed media 

director Katarzyna Orłowska

With hope to break a creative impasse, the woman pores over a blank piece of paper, drinking a half-empty glass of wine. The fear of failure haunts her at every step, taking the form of wine red. The animation created in ink is a metaphorical image of the heroine’s inner experiences and her struggles with the lack of faith in her own abilities and achievements.


Hungary, 2023, 9’, 2D animation

director Tamás Ivády

Anthropomorphic robot-lamp lives in a world popuA woman has lost her grandmother. The granny’s apartment is now lifeless, only a few boxes lie in the living room. But is that really all that is left behind her?


France, 2022, 6’40’’, 3D animation

director Marie Bordessoule Adriana Bouissie, Nadine De Boer, Elisa Drieue, Chloé Lauzu, Vincent Levrero, Solenne Moreau

A colorful and sensorial experience which follows two friends escape from the confines of an oppressive structured society in pursuit of a more meaningful existence.

THE EASTERN RAIN                                                

Estonia,2023, 9’07’’, hand-drawn animation

director Milly Yencken

If the rain were to fall indoors, but never outdoors… where do we begin to look for shelter?.


Poland, 2022, 7’48’’, hand-drawn animation

director Pola Lotta Włodarczyk

Residents of the tenement house are forced to cope with the difficult situation in which their neighbor from the top floor puts them once again.


Israel, 2022, 6’14’’

director Tom Koryto Blumen

A friendly soccer game between an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian boy that takes place on the West Bank barrier starts to escalate into an uneven battle. The film was painted frame by frame on the wall and became part of the ongoing conflict by staining the wall with over a hundred liters of paint.


Germany, 2022, 3’21’’, 2D animation

director Anne Lucas

The film begins with a stereotypical factory setting that evolves into an increasingly strange production system.


Canada, 2023, 3’50’’, hand-drawn animation

director Cameron Kletke

A dynamic journey through a woman’s visual diaries, exploring human connection in young adulthood.