Children’s Films Selection 2020

The Witch & the Baby

Russian Federation, 2020, 4’45”, 2D

director Evgenia Golubeva

scriptwriter Evgenia Golubeva, Myles McLeod

music Tatiana Shatkovskaya-Asenberg

An aging witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again. But when she brings home an infant princess things don’t go to plan.

The Little Boat That Wanted to Fly

Russian Federation, 2020, 6’40”, 2D

director Ekaterina Filippova

scriptwriter Ekaterina Filippova

music Anatoliy Machulenko

The story of a boat that wanted to fly.

Little Grey Wolfy. Fall Travelers

Norway, 2020, 6’, 2D

director Natalia Malykhina

scriptwriter Natalia Malykhina

music Mattis Sørum

Fall is upon us, the days getting cold. Birds flying South, a sight to behold! Little Grey Wolfy also wishes to go on a trip with the birds, to warm lands with no snow, where bears do not sleep in a wintertime. The only problem is that Wolfy and his friends have no wings to fly. But their good imagination comes to help! Imagination that has no boundaries. And they fly high in the sky, faster than birds, in a speedy little plane. But can they escape from the winter?

Dreams into Drawings

Japan, 2019, 10’10”, drawings on paper

director Koji Yamamura

scriptwriter Koji Yamamura


The painter KUWAGATA KEISAI lived over 200 years ago. He illustrated Ways to Sketch a series of picture books depicting humans and animals, all richly expressed. One day he was sketching a carp when suddenly he fell asleep and, in his dream, transfigured into a carp. The carp was enjoying his swim, but when a fisherman caught him things suddenly took a turn for the worse…


Germany, 2020, 5’18”, cutout

director KIDS ‘N TRICKS 7 children aged 7 to 11 years & 14 students

scriptwriter KIDS ‘N TRICKS 7 children aged 7 to 11 years & 14 students

music Maik Gropp

It’s early in the morning and school is about to start – many children are happy to see their friends again. But some kids don’t – just like CREEPY. He looks different, that’s why the other pupils don’t accept him as a friend. They nettle him and make fun of him again and again, even the teacher joins them.

Only the class representative Emma seems to understand CREEPY’s situation and sympathizes. Can she help him to be respected and make friends?

Tobi and the Turbobus

Germany, 2019, 7’30”, 3D

director Verena Fels

scriptwriter Verena Fels

music Alexander Wolf David, Andreas Pfeiffer

You fly with no seat! That’s the rule in the Turbobus. To get one is a hard day job for a young wolf on his turbo-journey to find real friendship.


Bulgaria, 2020, 5’20”, embroidery

director Radostina Neykova

scriptwriter Radostina Neykova

music Petko Manchev

Sometimes, if you want to become a hero, you just have to fly. Innovation handmade embroidery animation.

The Orange Song

United Kingdom, 2020, 3’19”, 2D

director Eleonora Asparuhova

scriptwriter Eleonora Asparuhova

music Constantin Pevsner 

A little girl’s obsession with the colour orange and her passion for painting are a bit confusing for the grown-ups. An animation based on the Russian Children Song ‘The Orange Song’.