Category: Student Films

September 9th, 5:30 P.M.

Duration 68’59”


Uruguay, 2021, 4’, stop-motion

director Eliana Fernández, Sofia Victoria Caponnetto

There came a time in Abril’s life when imagination and fantasy stopped protecting her from the reality in which she lived. Until one day she discovered a new form of escape that would change her life forever. is a poem about humans and plants.


Taiwan, 2021,7’20’’, hand drawn animation

director Shi-Rou Huang

Contemplation of torn walls and scars reminds the heroine of the ups and downs of love. The film depicts femininity and female internal time-consciousness through the convalescence of a woman’s broken heart, which is based on my personal experiences.


France, 2021, 4’40’’, 2D

director Camille Burles, Andréea Ciora, Lou Fraleu, Manon Lambert, Clara Mesplé, Chloé Viala

Fueled by her curiosity, a cow is drawn into the mechanics of a destructive giant.


Spain, 2021, 8’06’’, stop-motion

director Mariana Guerreiro Ferreira, Eudald Rojas Lluís

Antonio is stuck to his routine. During the night, he works in a recycling plant and during the day stays with his family with whom he doesn’t really get along. One day, while working, he discovers that he can begin to make decisions about his life and change it to his will.


Germany, 2022, 11’55’’, 2D and 3D

director Christoph Büttner

One evening a prison director announces to a convict being executed the next day. As by a miracle later at night the cell door opens. Being exhausted by endless interrogations the convict drags on through dark prison corridors. On his odyssey to gain freedom he is tossed back and forth by various mental states: his fear of being discovered, his hope for salvation and moments of sheer madness.


France, 2021, 7’29’’, 3D

director Fanny Paoli, Anabelle David, Emma Gach, Claire Robert, Julie Valentin, Thēodore Janvier

A little rain boot wakes up on a river’s side. On her journey through the forest she would overcome any obstacles to find her way back home. On the road she faces many events that will make her grow.


Turkey, 2022, 2’56’’, stop-motion

director Eylül Yarkin

The central character is an old fisherman named Santiago, who has not caught a fish for 84 days.Santiago takes his skiff far out into the deep waters of the Gulf Stream, where he soon hooks a giant marlin. With all his great experience and strength, he struggles with the fish for three days, admiring its strength, dignity, and faithfulness to its identity; its destiny is as true as Santiago’s as a fisherman. He finally reels the marlin in and lashes it to his boat. However, Santiago’s exhausting effort goes for naught. Sharks are drawn to the tethered marlin, and, although Santiago manages to kill a few, the sharks eat the fish, leaving behind only its skeleton.


France, 2021, 6’56’’, 2D

director Marion Boisrond, Marie-Liesse Coumau, Gwendoline Legendre, Ada Hernaez, Romane Tisseau

On the lookout for polar bears in the Arctic, a wildlife photographer realizes she may have missed more than a shot.


Ireland, 2022, 5’, 2D

director Marta Sniezek, Christian Spurling

‘Small Hours’ is a fully split/mosaic-screen 2D animation short that follows two people’s trains of thought, transitioning from one memory to another. As we dive deeper into the memories we transcend into the character’s subconscious and lose track of reality.


Turkey, 2022, 4’40’’, 3D

director Bora Civelek

Someday in the not-so-future, our “photographer robot” wakes up where it is left after a while, and when he goes outside he faces an abandoned world due to environmental issues such as global warming, overpopulation/deforestation, and waste. With our main character, we also witness the world’s upcoming big situations about environmental issues.


France, 2021, 7’57’’, 3D

director Mehrnaz Abdollahinia, Feben Woldehawariat, Razahk Issaka, Celeste Jamneck, Yi Liu

In a small village ruled by ridiculous laws, three singing sisters and their dog rehearse for the Annual Autumn Festival. But an unexpected event will disrupt their plans.

September 10th, 5:30 P.M.

Duration 70′


United Kingdom,2022, 3’25’’, hand drawn animation

director William Clarke

Crowds of people start to chaotically fill the screen, whilst a tourist tries to navigate their way through.


Taiwan, 2022, 8’24’’, 3D

director Shang-Yan Jiang

On an island, an energy-generating lighthouse provides heat to keep the island warm and hospitable. However, with the lighthouse running out of energy, the island might end up with ice and cold. “K-273” is a robot responsible for replacing the energy core in the lighthouse. On his way to the lighthouse, he accidentally saves a squirrel from being frozen to death and takes it along. Yet, the lighthouse is losing energy faster than expected, and the severe weather is making this mission more critical.


Czech, 2021, 11’27’’, 2D

director Andrea Szelesová

The Big Sister – a person of colossal size – is trapped in sand in a deserted landscape. With no way to take care of herself, this burden falls on her resentful little sister. But The Big Sister keeps growing and sinking into her trap. Despite the little sister’s attempts to stop it, she is left with one night to say goodbye and let go.


China, 2021, 3’50’’, 2D

director Han Yuki

Deep in the wet forest, breezes and sand leaves, rain flowers fell on the nose of the little squirrel, and began to rain.


France, 2021, 7’09’’, 2D

director Lola Lefevre

Gwen is a young girl who just turned 11. As she discovers her sexuality, she catches her dog laughing.


Slovenia, 2021, 2’56’’, stop motion

director Žoel Kastelic

The synchronized movements of the whale and the diver plunging into the subaquatic world show the human bond with nature, reminding us that we are becoming less and less aware of this connection.

We forget the easiness and playfulness that we can observe when the whale jumps out of the water. Can we still bring them back into our lives?


Taiwan,2021 , 3’23’’, 2D

director Daniela Muralles Arroyave

After accidentally stepping on a snail, he takes it home and things get sticky.


Croatia, 2021, 6’26’’, 2D

director Morana Marija Vulić

Anthropomorphic robot-lamp lives in a world populated only by humanoid electronic beings. By accident, he finds himself in an awkward situation when he falls into the heart of a secret organization, now blind without his eye-lightbulb. He soon discovers that the organization uses bodies of beings similar to him to create energy that powers the rest of the city. Barely surviving the ordeal, the protagonist is pardoned by the head of the organization and sent back to the surface where he would never be able to tell his story since – living through it while blind – he never really experienced it.


France, 2021, 7’39’’, 2D

director Basile Godard, Samuel Horwitz, Zihao ‘Dudo’ Guo, Nilayan Dey Sarkar

A colorful and sensorial experience which follows two friends escape from the confines of an oppressive structured society in pursuit of a more meaningful existence.

ELEVATOR ALONE                                                    

Greece, 2021, 3‘38‘‘, stop-motion

director Anastasia Papadopoulou

Four people and the time they spend in an elevator. Inspired by everyday life and by the difference in people’s behavior when they are alone, in contrast to the socially acceptable behavior that individuals adopt when in public space and especially in the confined and always awkward setting of an elevator.


Serbia, 2021, 5’01’’, drawings on paper

director Isidora Vulic

On a train back from Spain. On her lap, a notebook of memories, and an orange.


Singapore, 2021, 1’42’’,2D

director Chayanid Siripaiboolpong, Jessieca Juneshar

A grandma tries to recall the familiar stranger sitting next to her. With much difficulty and frustration, she weaves her hazy memories of the stranger together, only for her to forget them once again.


United States, 2022, 1’, ,2D

director Diane Catsburrow Linnet

Her snowman’s head came out too small. Time to fix it.


France, 2021, 6’, 3D

director Marianne Bergeonneau, Lauriane Montpert, Mélina Mandon, Cloé Peyrebrune, Elvira Taussac

During a thrilling massage, a lady is going to seduce her masseur. Through different rooms of a thermal cure, a seduction game would take place. A maze of sensation, flesh and steam which lead them to meet again