WFAF 2021

The team is thankful to every filmmaker from all around the world for being part of WFAF 2021. We cannot wait to see your next projects! See you in 2022!


Grand Prix

Precious, Paul Mas

– France, 2021, 14’, puppet animation

Julie can’t fit into her school. The arrival of Emile, an autistic child, will change the game.

Best Student film

Underwater Love, Veronica Martiradonna, Andrea Falzone, Cristina Fiore

– Italy, 2021, 5’45”, 2D

A girl asks herself many questions, faces problems with some monsters, anger makes her turn into a wasp, mingles with her King underwater, cries exaggeratedly, turns all red and at the end she grows, as tall as a giant.

Best Children’s film

The Girl Who Stood Still, Joana Toste

– Portugal, 2021, 9’03”, 2D

A child is lost from her mother and refuses to move from the same place. A policeman stops everyone else to make her move. The still girl and the policeman that guards her stop traffic and stir up the city’s hearts.

Best Bulgarian Film

Love in Times of Tourism, Vessela Dantcheva

– Bulgaria, 2020, 5’, 2D

Festive observation of tourist delight – swirling in abundance of food, flags, music, flesh, alcohol, lust and desire. And all this spiced up with Mexican flavour. Directed and animated by Vessela Dantcheva, based on the poem ‘Love in Times of Tourism’ by Petar Tchouhov. The film is part of the animation poetry collection ‘Mark and Verse’.ng storytelling

Best TV Series

Lucho Apa and the Soil, Clau Zavala

– Chile, 2020, 10’, 2D

Lucho Apa, the only “chulengo” in his herd, must venture through the Choapa valleys to form his own. Along the way, he will get to know northern landscapes, form solid friendships and discover that soil is not just dirt.